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150.81% Increase In Website Visits, 232.09% Increase In Phone Calls In 6 Months

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Fine Dining SEO Case Study

The Altitude is one of the largest fine dining restaurants and function centres in Lauderdale, Tasmania.

They aimed to improve their brand awareness, website visits, phone calls, search volume and online visibility so that it can become the most highly ranked in search engines when people looked for accommodation or fine dining in Lauderdale, Tasmania.

With so much competition within the local hospitality industry, The Altitude was struggling to stand out from its competitors in the nearby areas and increase their market share. This is why they turned to us at Aus Asia Online.

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    The Altitude
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    Restaurants & Fine Dining
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    SEO, SMM, Web Design & Development

The Result

The achievement of our works in numbers


Website Visits

150.81 % website visits increase in 6 months


Phone Calls

232.09 % phone calls increase in 6 months


Direct Search

323 % Direct Search result in 6 months


Organic Traffic

16,600 % organic traffic increase in 6 months

Our Project Challenges

The challenges we faced while making the brand and grow organic traffic



Low Online Traffic and Online Visibility

The hotel had already been facing low online traffic and online visibility. To recover from this situation we were faced with an immensely challenging task to boost its business growth.


Did Not Have Any Website

The Altitude did not have any website which meant we had to work on the businesses online marketing almost from scratch, starting from website design & development all the way to ongoing digital marketing.


Not Ranking Well on Search Engines

Due to Covid-19, their business was suffering from a high number of restrictions from the Government at the time. As a result, It was not ranking well on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing for keywords related to their services.

Our Approach, Strategy & Execution

We worked closely with the client's team to understand their needs and challenges.

Requirement Gathering

Understand business needs

We set realistic goals and worked towards the business’s direction of growth.

Website for Accountants

Creation of new website

Our development team built a fast loading and device responsive website.

application development

Keyword research

Targeting the most relevant and profitable keywords related to the business.

Page Structure Design

Search Engine Optimisation

We worked for On-Page SEO and Off-page SEO to boost organic traffic.

150.81% Increase In Website Visits, 232.09% Increase In Phone Calls In 6 Months

In the beginning, we comprehensively researched the competition within the hospitality industry. By checking out what their competitors are up to, analysing what people are reading and talking about, we updated their new website with similar kind of content to bring more traffic to their website.

Our development team built a fast loading and device responsive website ensuring that the pages are as technically optimised as possible which included the appropriate image file sizes, page structure and third-party plugin functionalities. Next, we worked on On-Page and Off-page SEO to greatly boost organic traffic.

The results? Organic Traffic Growth took a rise by +16,6000% and our clients website Rank was much more improved with increased Visibility compared to 6 months earlier.

Restaurants & Fine Dining Growth Strategy
Direct Search Overview

323% Increase In Direct Search In 6 Months

The organic search rankings were also increased by publishing relevant content of the highest quality that answered their intended customers’ biggest queries about accommodation and fine dining as well as attracting links from other websites. Using the appropriate alter tags and metadata, our client’s website pages were furthermore optimised. This improved the website’s authority and relevance and drew in many new users. The result was the immediate increase of searches; 53.5% increase in Organic Search, Discovery Searches reaching almost upto +202.59% and Direct Searches of +323% over a six month’s time period.

409.66% More New Users With 371.75% Rise In Pageviews In 6 Months

Like most businesses, The Altitude wanted more pageviews and more new visitors as well. Our marketing strategies brought a most visible increase in both these fields where a tremendous incline by 409.66% of New Users and 371.75% of Pageviews can be seen in 6 months! The bounce rate was the lowest in this period as well.

Organic traffic overview
Organic traffic overview

16,600% Rise In Organic Traffic, 17.34% More Visibility Over 6 Months

SEO is at the core of any online marketing because of the highly increasing number of online searches people make every day. Since you can’t pay search engines to get higher organic search rankings, we prioritised SEO strategies to increase the rate of leads turning into customers.

We successfully generated more ROI through:

Keyword Ranking – We targeted keywords that relate to the nature of The Altitude’s hospitality services. We also identified long tail keywords to target locations around the hotel.

Visibility – Our newly developed website gained more visibility in search engines. Better visibility resulted in more clicks and eventually our client began to receive more phone calls from potential customers looking for fine dining and accommodation in Lauderdale, Tasmania. As you can see, visibility was significantly improved from its previous rate by approximately 17.34%.

Social Media Growth

We developed other marketing strategies for The Altitude using paid and organic strategies such as:

Photo Sharing on Google for more link building.

Regular posting on Social media platforms with attractive content and graphics to drive traffic. In this way their page likes and social media growth on Facebook and Instagram increased positively over a span of 6 months.

Our strategic marketing plan increased the number of Organic Clicks on any URL of our client’s website when it appeared in search results.
We also improved Impressions and the Average Ranking Position of the website URLs for queries.
We know how high the Cost-per-click (CPC) can be for any business but due to our excellent increase of organic traffic, we were able to keep to The Altitude’s budget and cut their expenditure on Paid Campaigns.

SMM Growth

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